Evaluate the Organizing Target

Step 1 in building any Local’s successful organizing program requires conducting a thorough and honest evaluation of the organizing target. Jumping on a “hot shop” lead, where workers appear ready to organize immediately, spells disaster if you can’t affirmatively answer most of the 25 questions on this list. Organizing strategically requires being able to answer these questions before committing resources to a campaign.

Can We Win This Campaign?
25 Key Questions.

Will this target help strengthen our power at the bargaining table for our existing members? No
If we already represent workers in this industry or work segment, are the contracts strong? No
Will organizing this group help OPEIU represent a majority of an industry or a majority of a segment of an industry? No
If the answer is NO to questions 1, 2 and 3 above, do we have the resources to take on a new industry or work segment and negotiate a first contract? No
Can organizing this group lead to further organizing within the company or industry? No
Is the target a key operation of the employer? No
Is the target locally or regionally based? No
If the target is national or has multiple locations over a wide geographic area, do we have a strategy for organizing all of the sites if they aren’t organized already? No
Is this the type of work that cannot be easily moved offshore or subcontracted? No
In the event of a strike, would it be difficult to replace the targeted workers? No
Are the issues deep enough to campaign around? No
Do workers care enough to take action? No
Do we have a good chance of negotiating a first contract with this employer? No
Is the employer vulnerable to community, political or other types of pressure? No
Is it possible to get a neutrality agreement or a card check? No
Will our members support this organizing effort? No
Is the size and scope of the target large appropriate and worth our effort? No
Can we dedicate staff and member organizers for this campaign? No
Do we have members who work in this industry and might have contacts? No
Will it be possible to contact workers easily? No
Is there the potential of partnering with another union for added strength? No
Do we have contacts or potential contacts at this target? No
Do we have the resources to do this campaign? No
Do we have the resources to provide on-going support to the workers? No
Are we willing to relentlessly do what it takes to assist these workers to unionize? No


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